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2017 Ford Explorer Earns Respect of MotorWeek Reviewers

Is the 2017 Explorer the most incredible full-size crossover we here at Sam Galloway Ford have ever encountered?

Well, if it isn't already, one thing is clear: this utility hauler is among the very best in the biz.

That said, we call your attention to the clip below. Learn of the Explorer's many winning qualities from our friends at MotorWeek:

Offered exclusively with the Sport and Platinum trims, the Explorer's turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine option is outstanding.

Joining with a six-speed automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive, the turbo-V6 kicks out a colossal 365 ...

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What if the Ford F-150 Were an SUV? Meet the 2018 Expedition

The Ford Expedition has long shared commonalities with the preeminent F-150. Later this year, a fully-redesigned 2018 Expedition will share even more features with Ford's top-selling truck.

What is the same?

The F-150 has been using military-grade aluminum alloy to reduce dead-weight on its exterior for a few years now. The 2018 Expedition will follow its lead, trading in heavy steel doors and panels to lose as much as 300 pounds of curb weight—all while growing in dimensions.

The new Expedition will share the F-150's turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine and 10-speed transmission, giving it similar high-performance…

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Your Car Battery Can Easily Be Replaced

Every car has a specific amount of amperage that is required for the battery to perform. It is different for every vehicle. There are certain specifications, determined by the car manufacturer, that are required for the car to start and maintain its electrical source.

This is determined by what is known as “cold cranking amps”, and it is the lowest amount of amperage that it would take to start your car. Even in the most extreme weather conditions, your car should still start if it has the correct cold cranking amperage.

Car batteries do not last forever and need to…
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Planning a Road Trip

There are several different things that an individual, couple, or family will want to pack into their vehicles prior to departing for a road trip. There are unfortunately many people who go in road trips unprepared. As a result, they are often not prepared for the trip, or they end up having to go back to get whatever it may have been that they left behind. This is why it is highly recommended for people to create a checklist that includes everything that they may need on the road trip so that they can be prepared.

Some things that the…
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Keeping Your Car Running on the Least Fuel Possible

You want your vehicle to burn through as little fuel as possible, and there are ways that you can help it do just that. There are tips that you can follow that will help you save on the amount of fuel that you use to get around.

Cut back on the fuel that you use by keeping your vehicle properly maintained. Make sure that every part of your vehicle is working in the way that it should in order to use less fuel.

Cut back on the fuel used to power your vehicle by being careful in the way that…
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The 2017 Ford Fusion is a Great Choice for Busy Parents

If you are a parent with a busy life, the 2017 Ford Fusion is here to help simplify your driving experience. Known as a family sedan, for crash protection, the Ford Fusion has been awarded five stars on a five-star system. With sharp handling and a quiet ride, it's conducive to a positive family driving experience. An estimated gas mileage of 21 mpg in the city and 32 on the highway help every parent's budget.

New in 2017 is a push button ignition and a SYNC 3 infotainment system with easier to use buttons which help harried parents…
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The 2017 Ford Escape has Everything You've Been Searching for in an SUV

The 2017 Ford Escape has an upgraded new look and more innovation than ever before. The design options to choose from will allow you to feel as if you are behind the wheel of a racecar or riding around town in a luxury ride. The leather steering wheel and seat option on select models will make you and your passengers feel comfortable and high class. The available driving technology will make each ride feel exciting and fun. You can even choose between one of three engines that will deliver the most powerful driving performance you could ask for in an…
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